Parent Participation Program

At Atlantis Beach Baptist College, we place great emphasis on parents being involved with their child’s/children’s education and encourage a close relationship between home and school. Our Parent Participation Programme (PPP or Triple ‘P’) enables such a relationship whilst assisting in building a happy and effective College Community.

PPP Guidelines

  1. Each family is encouraged to contribute 10 PPP hours per year for the period in which their child attends the College through to Year 11. This is regardless of the number of children attending the College, ie 1 child = 10 hours, 3 children = 10 hours. There is no maximum; every hour worked is a huge benefit to the College Community.
  2. It is each family's responsibility to fulfil their 10 hours of service. We may contact you, should the need arise, to ask for assistance in the activities you have selected. PPP opportunities may also be advertised in the fortnightly school newsletter.
  3. Parents may accumulate hours to be carried forward by working more than 10 hours per year. This will enable them to work fewer hours during the following or future years, or to complete their PPP obligation earlier. 

PPP Activities

As an example, PPP hours can be accrued through the following activities:

  • Canteen Lunches
    • Sort and distribute lunch orders.
  • College Events
    • Attendance at P&F Meetings and helping with fund raising events, i.e. Open Days / College Fete.
  • Laundry
    • Weekly washing of ice pack covers and sick bay linen.
  • Library
    • Activities may include covering and mending books.
  • Sewing
    • Making ice pack covers for the sick bay when needed.
  • Sporting Events
    • Assist with Athletic & Swimming Carnivals and Cross-Country Events.
  • Uniform Shop
    • Assistance may be needed.