College History

College History and Foundations

The Atlantis Beach Baptist College was founded by members of the Baptist Communities Ltd. Atlantis Beach Baptist Community is an exciting vision for a Baptist College, Baptist Church, Baptist Early Learning Centre and in the future a Baptist Aged Care Centre to be established on Breakwater Drive Two Rocks, Western Australia. With the blessing and support of the Baptist Churches of Western Australia and the network of affiliated Baptist Colleges, a group of Christian, like-minded, equipped and inspired people came together with a vision for Baptist Communities – Baptist Church, Baptist Education and Baptist Aged Care, all under the banner of the Baptist Churches of WA. The vision was that God had directed them to impact and serve the growing Perth Northern Coastal communities. We believe the Atlantis Beach Baptist community will bring glory to God and build a legacy for generations to come.

The College is a Christian organisation with an open enrolment policy and is constitutionally known as The Atlantis Beach Baptist College Inc. The College, Church, Early Learning and future Aged Care Centre will be separate organisations that are supportive of each other’s purposes. Our College Board provide Godly and reliable governance. From the time of the initial planting in 2017 of the College in Two Rocks Western Australia, we estimate that our school will flourish to become a Kindergarten to Year 12 College of quality in the northern corridor of Perth, providing for the educational needs of up to 1500 students.